Arpitan is a Romance language spoken in the Western Alps in France, Italy and Switzerland. It is also known as Franco-Provençal or patois. There are about 100,000 speakers of Arpitan. The Arpitan language is thought to have originated in the 12th century from the Vulgar Latin spoken by the Roman soldiers who were stationed in the region. Over time, the language developed into its own distinct dialect, influenced by the local Franco-Provençal dialects. Arpitan has a number of unique features that set it apart from other Romance languages. For example, it has a distinctive nasal vowel sound, and the use of the word "ou" to mean "yes". The Arpitan language is currently endangered, as many young people are choosing to speak French or Italian instead. However, there are some efforts underway to promote and preserve the language, such as the creation of an Arpitan dictionary and the establishment of an Arpitan language academy.

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Romance languages

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Arpitan, France, Latin
Arpitan, Latin