Lahnda is a language spoken in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is also known as Western Punjabi and is closely related to Punjabi spoken in India. Lahnda is written in the Nastaʿlīq script and has a rich literary tradition. Lahnda is spoken by around 10 million people in Pakistan. It is one of the official languages of Pakistan and is also recognised as a regional language in the Punjab province. Lahnda is used as a lingua franca in the Punjab region and is also spoken in parts of Azad Kashmir and Sindh. Lahnda has a rich literary tradition and has been used as a literary language for centuries. It was used by some of the great Sufi poets of the Punjab such as Bulleh Shah and Shah Hussain. Lahnda poetry is very popular in Pakistan and is often recited at weddings and other special occasions. Lahnda is also used in some Pakistani films and television programmes. It is a popular language for film songs and many famous Pakistani singers have recorded songs in Lahnda. Lahnda is an important part of Pakistani culture and heritage. It is a beautiful language with a rich literary tradition. It is a language that should be cherished and preserved.

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Lahnda, Pakistan, Arabic
Lahnda, Arabic
Lahnda, Pakistan