y The Slavey language, also known as Dene, is a member of the Athabaskan language family, spoken by the Slavey people in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It is also spoken by the Gwich'in people in Alaska and the Yukon. The Slavey language is one of the most endangered languages in Canada, with only about 200 speakers remaining. It is estimated that only about 10% of Slavey people are fluent in the language. The Slavey language has a complex grammatical structure, and is known for its use of "evidentiality", which is a way of indicating to the listener how the speaker knows the information they are sharing. The Slavey language is also notable for its use of "consonant harmony", which is a way of ensuring that all of the consonants in a word agree with each other. The Slavey language is in danger of extinction, due to the fact that so few people speak it fluently. However, there are some efforts underway to try and revive the language, including the creation of a Slavey dictionary, and the development of a Slavey language immersion program.

Language group

Athapascan languages

Language locales, regions and scripts

Slave, Canada, Latin
Slave, Latin
Slave, Canada, Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
Slave, Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
Slave, Canada