Tornedalen Finnish

Tornedalen Finnish, or Meänkieli, is a language spoken in the Torne Valley in northern Sweden. It is a dialect of Finnish, and is one of the few remaining Finnish dialects spoken in Sweden. Tornedalen Finnish is a endangered language, with only about 500 speakers remaining. The majority of speakers are over the age of 60, and the language is not being passed down to younger generations. There is a Finnish-language school in the town of Pajala, which offers classes in Tornalen Finnish. There is also a Meänkieli radio station, and a newspaper called Meän Maa. The language is closely related to the Karelian dialect of Finnish, and is also related to the Ingrian dialect spoken in Russia. Tornedalen Finnish has a unique grammar, and is not mutually intelligible with standard Finnish. It is written with a Latin alphabet, and has influences from Swedish and Sami. The future of Tornalen Finnish is uncertain, but there are efforts being made to preserve the language. With only a few hundred speakers remaining, it is important to raise awareness of the language and its importance.

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Finno-Ugrian languages

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Tornedalen Finnish
Tornedalen Finnish, Sweden, Latin
Tornedalen Finnish, Latin