Adyghe (also known as West Circassian) is a language spoken by the Adyghe people of the Northwestern Caucasus. It is one of the official languages of the Republic of Adygea in Russia. Adyghe belongs to the Northwest Caucasian language family. The Adyghe alphabet is based on the Latin script with a few additional letters. The Adyghe language is spoken by about 1 million people, mainly in Russia and Syria. It is also spoken by small minorities in Turkey, Jordan, and other countries. Adyghe has three dialects: Kabardian, Adyghe proper, and Besleney. Kabardian is the dialect of the Adyghe people who live in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in Russia. Adyghe proper is spoken in Adygea, and Besleney is spoken in Besleney Raion of Krasnodar Krai in Russia. The Adyghe language is endangered, and its use is declining. The younger generation is increasingly opting to use Russian or other languages in their daily lives. The Adyghe language is rich in oral tradition and folklore. The Adyghe people have a rich musical and dance heritage. The Adyghe language is also the language of the Adyghe epic poem Nart.

Language group

North Caucasian languages

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Adyghe, Russia, Cyrillic
Adyghe, Cyrillic
Adyghe, Russia