Macedonian is the language spoken in the Republic of Macedonia. It is a South Slavic language, closely related to Bulgarian and Serbian. Macedonian is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia and is also spoken in the Macedonian diaspora. Macedonian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet and has a rich literary tradition. Macedonian literature dates back to the 9th century and includes works by such notable writers as Cyril and Methodius, the founders of the Cyrillic alphabet. Macedonian is a phonetic language, meaning that words are pronounced exactly as they are written. This makes it a relatively easy language to learn for speakers of other Slavic languages. Macedonian grammar is similar to that of other Slavic languages. Macedonian vocabulary, however, has been heavily influenced by Turkish and Greek, as well as by the Macedonian dialects of Bulgarian and Serbian. Macedonian is a beautiful and expressive language. It is the perfect choice for anyone interested in Slavic languages and cultures.

Language group

South Slavic languages

Language locales, regions and scripts

Macedonian, North Macedonia, Cyrillic
Macedonian, Albania, Cyrillic
Macedonian, Greece, Cyrillic
Macedonian, North Macedonia
Macedonian, Cyrillic