Kumyk (Кумык тили, Qumuq tili) is a Turkic language spoken in Dagestan, Russia. It is the official language of the Kumyk people. The Kumyk language is also known as Kumukh, Qumukh, Qumuq, Ghumuq and Ghumukh. The Kumyk language is a member of the Turkic language family and is closely related to other Turkic languages such as Turkish, Azerbaijani and Tatar. It is written in a Cyrillic alphabet and has about 500,000 speakers. The Kumyk language has a rich oral tradition and is used in literature, poetry and music. It is also used in education, media and government. The Kumyk language is an important part of the Kumyk people's identity and is used to promote their culture and heritage.

Language group

Turkic languages

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Kumyk, Russia, Cyrillic
Kumyk, Cyrillic
Kumyk, Russia