Burmese is a language spoken in Myanmar (formerly Burma). It is the native language of the Bamar people, who make up the majority of the country's population. Burmese is a tonal language, meaning that the same word can have different meanings depending on the tone in which it is spoken. There are four tones in Burmese: high, low, rising, and falling. Burmese is written using a modified form of the Latin alphabet. In addition to the 26 standard letters, there are also 33 consonant clusters, which are written as a single letter. Burmese is a member of the Sino-Tibetan language family, which includes languages such as Mandarin, Tibetan, and Nepali. The earliest known inscriptions in Burmese date back to the 11th century. The Burmese alphabet was standardized in the 18th century by King Alaungpaya. Burmese has been influenced by a number of languages over the years, including Pali, Sanskrit, Mon, and English. Burmese is the official language of Myanmar and is spoken by 32 million people in the country. It is also spoken in neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand, and Laos.

Language group

Sino-Tibetan languages

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Burmese, Myanmar (Burma), Myanmar (Burmese)
Burmese, Myanmar (Burma)
Burmese, Myanmar (Burmese)