Ngiemboon is a Niger–Congo language spoken in Cameroon. It is part of the Benue–Congo branch. Ngiemboon is one of the Bantu languages. It is spoken in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon, in the Mayo-Kebbi East and Mayo-Kebbi West prefectures of Chad, and in the Central African Republic. In Cameroon, it is spoken in the Mayo-Kebbi East and Mayo-Kebbi West prefectures. The language has four dialects: Mayo, Kebbi, East, and West. The Mayo and Kebbi dialects are not mutually intelligible. Ngiemboon is a tonal language. It has two tones, high and low. Ngiemboon has a subject–verb–object word order. The language has a rich vocabulary. It has many loanwords from French and English. Ngiemboon is written with the Latin alphabet.

Language group

Bamileke languages

Language locales, regions and scripts

Ngiemboon, Cameroon, Latin
Ngiemboon, Cameroon
Ngiemboon, Latin