Kako is a language spoken in the Solomon Islands. It is part of the Austronesian family of languages. It is closely related to other languages spoken in the Solomon Islands, such as Tolai and Pijin. Kako is spoken by about 30,000 people. It is used as a lingua franca in the Solomon Islands. The Kako language has a simple grammatical structure. It has no articles, and its word order is subject-verb-object. Kako has two dialects: Central Kako and Western Kako. The Kako language is written in a Latin-based alphabet. It was first written down in the early 20th century. Kako is a language with a rich oral tradition. It is known for its proverbs and folktales. The Kako people have a rich culture. They are known for their wood carving, basket weaving, and traditional dancing.

Language group

Bantu languages

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Kako, Cameroon, Latin
Kako, Cameroon
Kako, Latin