Finnish is a language spoken in Finland, by the Finnish people. It is a member of the Finnic branch of the Uralic family of languages. Finnish is spoken by about 5.5 million people, most of whom reside in Finland. It is also an official minority language in Sweden and Norway. Finnish is closely related to Estonian and less closely to the Sami languages. It has been influenced by Swedish, Russian, and Germanic languages throughout its history. Finnish is written using the Latin alphabet. Finnish grammar is relatively simple compared to other languages. It has no articles, no grammatical gender, and only a few conjugations. Finnish words are often long, and compounds are common. Finnish is a pitch-accent language, which means that the pitch of a syllable can affect its meaning. This can make Finnish difficult for speakers of languages without pitch-accent. Finnish has a reputation for being a difficult language to learn, but with some effort it is possible to become proficient. There are many resources available to help learners, including online courses, apps, and books.

Language group

Finno-Ugrian languages

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Finnish, Finland, Latin
Finnish, Finland
Finnish, Latin
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