Votic is a language spoken in the central and southern regions of Finland by the Votes, an ethnic group related to the Estonians. It is a Finnic language, closely related to Finnish and Karelian, and is one of the few Finnic languages that is not also spoken in Estonia. Votic is endangered, with only about 200 speakers left. Most of them are middle-aged or older, and the language is not being passed down to new generations. However, there is some effort to revive the language, and there are a few schools teaching it. The Votic alphabet is similar to the Estonian alphabet, with a few extra letters for sounds that don't exist in Estonian. Votic has a complicated case system, with 14 different cases. Votic is a fascinating language, and it's sad that it's in danger of disappearing. However, there is still hope that it will be revived and continue to be spoken for years to come.

Language group

Finno-Ugrian languages

Language locales, regions and scripts

Votic, Russia, Latin
Votic, Latin