Nuer is a Nilotic language spoken in South Sudan and neighboring countries. It is related to other Nilotic languages like Dinka and Luo. Nuer has about 2 million speakers. It is written using the Latin alphabet. Nuer is a tonal language, which means that the meaning of a word can change depending on the pitch of the speaker's voice. For example, the word 'ka' can mean 'goat' or 'house', depending on the pitch. Nuer has two main dialects: Eastern Nuer and Western Nuer. The two dialects are not mutually intelligible. Nuer is a language of the Nuer people, who are traditionally pastoralists. The Nuer people are known for their elaborate ceremonies and rituals, which are often accompanied by singing and dancing. The Nuer language is also used in some schools and churches.

Language group

Eastern Sudanic languages

Language locales, regions and scripts

Nuer, South Sudan, Latin
Nuer, South Sudan
Nuer, Latin