Min Nan Chinese

Min Nan Chinese, also known as Southern Min or Hokkien-Taiwanese, is a branch of the Min Chinese language spoken in southern Fujian Province, in China, and in Taiwan. It is one of the few varieties of Chinese that is not based on the Mandarin Chinese dialect. The Min Nan Chinese language is not mutually intelligible with Mandarin or other varieties of Chinese. It is, however, intelligible with Taiwanese Hokkien, which is also spoken in Taiwan. Min Nan Chinese is spoken by approximately 10 million people in southern Fujian Province, in China, and by approximately 7 million people in Taiwan. The majority of Taiwanese people who speak Min Nan Chinese are of Hoklo descent. The Min Nan Chinese language has a rich literary tradition. It is the language of the Taiwanese classic novel, The Tale of the Three Kingdoms, and of the popular folk opera, The Peach Blossom Fan. Min Nan Chinese is also the language of a significant body of religious literature, including the works of the 13th century Buddhist monk, Zanning.

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Min Nan Chinese
Min Nan Chinese, China, Han (Simplified variant)
Min Nan Chinese, Han (Simplified variant)
Min Nan Chinese, China