Jju is a Niger–Congo language spoken in Nigeria. It is the mother tongue of the Jju people, who mainly reside in the city of Jos in Plateau State. Jju is also spoken in the towns of Bukuru, Vwang, and Shendam, as well as in some villages in the vicinity of Jos. The Jju language is closely related to Berom and is classified within the Plateau group of the Niger–Congo languages. The Jju language is spoken by about 200,000 people. It is a tonal language, with two tones: high and low. Jju has a subject–verb–object word order. The language has a simple phonology, with a limited number of consonants and vowels. Jju has a rich tradition of oral literature, including folktales, proverbs, and songs. The Jju people are mainly farmers and traders. They are also known for their craftsmanship, particularly their woodwork and metalwork. The Jju people are traditionally animists, but many have converted to Christianity in recent years. The Jju language is under threat from the more widely spoken Hausa and English languages. However, there are efforts underway to document and preserve the Jju language, including the development of a Jju dictionary.

Language group

Atlantic-Congo languages

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Jju, Nigeria, Latin
Jju, Nigeria
Jju, Latin