Grebo is a language spoken in Liberia. It is also spoken in Ivory Coast. Grebo is a member of the Mande language family. The Mande family includes languages like Mandingo and Bambara. Grebo is considered to be a pidgin language. This means that it has elements of two different languages. It is not a pure language. The two languages that make up Grebo are English and French. Grebo has about 500,000 speakers. Most of them live in Liberia. The city of Buchanan is the largest city where Grebo is spoken. Other cities where Grebo is spoken include Gbarnga, Kakata, and Monrovia. Grebo is written using the Latin alphabet. There are some differences between the way Grebo is written and the way it is spoken. For example, the letter "h" is not pronounced in Grebo. The letter "j" is pronounced like the letter "y" in English. Grebo has two different dialects. These are the Western Grebo and the Eastern Grebo. The Western Grebo is the more common of the two.

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Grebo, Latin