Bamun is an endangered language spoken in Cameroon. It is a Bantu language, and is closely related to other Bantu languages such as Swahili. Bamun has been in decline since the early 20th century, due to the increasing use of French and English in Cameroon. There are now thought to be less than 10,000 speakers of Bamun. Bamun is an oral language, and has no written form. It is mainly used for communication within the Bamun community. However, due to the decline in speakers, there is now little use of Bamun outside of the home. The Bamun people are traditionally farmers, and their language reflects this. Bamun has words for different types of crops, animals and tools. Bamun is also a tonal language, which means that the meaning of a word can change depending on the pitch it is spoken with. The decline of Bamun is a cause for concern among linguists. It is thought that the loss of Bamun would be a loss of cultural and historical knowledge. Bamun is a unique language, and its speakers have a rich culture and history. There are efforts underway to revive Bamun. The Bamun Language and Culture Institute is working to promote the use of Bamun, and to preserve the language and culture for future generations.

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Atlantic-Congo languages

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Bamun, Cameroon, Bamum
Bamun, Bamum