Bambara is a language spoken in Mali, Senegal, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Niger. It is the native language of the Bambara people. Bambara is a Manding language, and is closely related to other Manding languages such as Dioula, Malinke, and Soninke. Bambara has about 4 million speakers. It is written with a Latin alphabet, and has also been written with the Arabic alphabet and the Tifinagh alphabet. Bambara is used as a lingua franca in much of West Africa. It is also used as a language of instruction in schools in Mali. Bambara has a rich oral tradition, and is known for its folktales, especially those featuring the trickster character Tiwa. Bambara is also the language of griots, traditional West African storytellers. The Bambara people have a rich culture and tradition. They are known for their music, dance, and crafts. The Bambara are also known for their traditional food, which includes dishes such as jollof rice and groundnut soup.

Language group

Mande languages

Language locales, regions and scripts

Bambara, Mali, Latin
Bambara, N’Ko
Bambara, Mali
Bambara, Mali, N’Ko
Bambara, Latin