Rundi, also known as Kirundi, is a Bantu language spoken in central Africa. It is the official language of Burundi, and is also spoken in neighbouring countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Rundi is a tonal language, with two main dialects – northern and southern. Rundi is thought to have originated in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, before spreading to other parts of the continent. The earliest known written record of the language dates back to the 15th century, when it was written down by Arab traders. Today, Rundi is used by around 10 million people. Rundi has a rich oral tradition, and is known for its folktales and proverbs. The best-known Rundi folktale is ‘The Hare and the Lion’, which tells the story of a hare who outwits a lion. Rundi proverbs are often used in everyday speech, and offer advice on topics such as marriage, friendship, and work. Rundi is an important language in central Africa, both for its speakers and for its rich cultural heritage.

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Bantu languages

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Rundi, Burundi, Latin
Rundi, Burundi
Rundi, Latin