Efik is a language spoken in Nigeria. It is a member of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo family. Efik is spoken in the Cross River State, in the southeast of Nigeria. It is also spoken in Cameroon, where it is known as Efike. Efik is one of the Cross River languages, which also include Ejagham, Ibibio, and Anaang. Efik speakers are found mainly in the cities of Calabar and Ikom. In Nigeria, Efik is used as a lingua franca in the Cross River region. Efik has a rich oral tradition. The Efik people have a rich history of storytelling. Efik stories often focus on animals, and are used to teach moral lessons. Efik folktales often feature a character called Mmoatia, who is a trickster figure. The Efik language is written using the Latin alphabet. Efik has a tonal system, with two level tones and two rising tones. Efik is a polysynthetic language, which means that words can be very long and complex. Efik is an important language in Nigeria. It is spoken by a large number of people, and is the lingua franca in the Cross River region. Efik has a rich oral tradition, and is a polysynthetic language.

Language group

Atlantic-Congo languages

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Efik, Nigeria, Latin
Efik, Latin
Efik, Nigeria