Central Kurdish

Kurdish is a language spoken in parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. It is a member of the Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. Central Kurdish is one of the three main varieties of Kurdish, along with Northern Kurdish and Southern Kurdish. Kurdish is written in a Latin alphabet in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, and in a Cyrillic alphabet in Southern Kurdistan. The earliest known Kurdish literature dates back to the 16th century. The first Kurdish newspaper was published in Cairo in 1876. Kurdish has been spoken in the region for centuries, but its exact origins are unknown. Some linguists believe it is related to Persian, while others believe it is a direct descendant of the ancient Indo-Iranian language. Kurdish is a rich and expressive language, with a wide variety of dialects. It has been influenced by Persian, Arabic and Turkish, as well as by the languages of the regions where it is spoken. The Kurds are a people with a long and proud history. They have their own culture, music and literature. The Kurdish language is an important part of Kurdish identity.

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Central Kurdish
Central Kurdish, Iraq, Arabic
Central Kurdish, Iraq
Central Kurdish, Iran, Arabic
Central Kurdish, Arabic
Central Kurdish, Iran